Vegas ✅ Now back to training!💦

I always treat a holiday as a time off being in the hotel gym constantly during the week. I trained legs, twice for 30 mins when I was free. Truthfully, I ate whatever I liked! (TOO MUCH OF IT! Should I say around 2,500+ cals most days?😂)

At home, I’m very conscious as to what I eat In order for me to maintain my weight. (Plus I like to track roughly what I eat everyday so I don’t go crazy)

It’s great to give your body a break, a rest from tearing muscles when strength training and causing stress on your heart/mental mindset.

If you’re away this year, my advice is if you’re health conscious like me; Enjoy yourself, eat what you’ve always craved, drink the alcohol and have a good time! Don’t stress about how many calories you’ve consumed. YOU’VE WORKED BLOODY HARD FOR IT.

Just hit it HARD when you’re back to training, go back to tracking your daily intake (MyFitnessPal, meal preps) and don’t stress about your holly’s!✌🏼😛